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Saturday, March 13, 2010

BEE REMOVAL * Don't be stung by the Bees, OR the service company

Always look for an ADVERTISED price list before choosing a service company.

It is unfortunate that in every service business there exists fraud and trickery of all kinds, Bee Removal is certainly no different.

At Desert Sky Pest Control we pride ourselves on Honesty and Integrity. From your initial phone conversation to the completion of your job, (No matter how big or small it may be) You will know that you are dealing with an honest Local business that cares about you and cares about their reputation in the community. All of our prices are either listed on the website or you will be given a firm range in price for the more complicated jobs.

Just remember that we want your business for life, not just for the job at hand. We are very excited to have been serving Valley homes for over 12 years and look forward to living and working in this community for many, many years to come.

Certainly with the use of the internet, what was once a huge Valley has become a very small world where word spreads quickly. We want that word to be "Excellence" when it is associated with Desert Sky Pest Control.

BEES, WASPS, PIGEONS, RODENTS and INSECTS of all kinds... It's a Jungle out there! 

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