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Friday, November 12, 2010

Bed Bugs are back !

PHOENIX - Exterminators in Arizona say the calls for bed bugs are increasing.

Desert Sky Pest Control says they are going on as many as 3 – 5 bed bug calls a day and about 90 a month.

Kendall Torrejos is a technician with the company and says all the talk about bed bugs is a good thing. Torrejos believes it’s helping reduce the stigma surrounding the tiny creatures that invade our homes and keeping him busy year round.

The increase means it’s a good idea to take a look at the mattresses and box springs in your home. Torrejos says you need to check in the folds and tufts of the mattress, near the headboard, between the mattress and box spring as well as under the box spring.

Signs of bed bugs include tiny blood spots on the bedding, small black dots of waste and white nearly clear eggs.

But he says beds aren’t the only place you’ll find these bugs. You also need to check any furniture in the room and near the baseboards and carpet.

The biggest indicator you have bed bugs are the bites. A bed bug bite is smaller than a traditional insect bite, red and usually has a center that is more red. They are itchy, hard and primarily located on the face, arms and legs.

There are several ways you can help prevent bed bugs. First when you travel check your hotel bed for them and when you get home make sure you don’t bring your suitcase in your bedroom.

Also don’t bring home furniture or mattresses from unknown sources.

Torrejos recommends mattress covers that protect against bed bugs and allergens. He says are expensive but they can save you from having to buy a new mattress and box spring. He says if you can only buy one, cover the box spring.

If you have an infestation he says call an expert to get rid of them, the do it yourself method could leave the bed bugs biting.


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